i t ‘ s j u s t j u l z preset bundle

The time has finally come! I am launching my own preset pack! YAY!

After so many preset purchases that left me unsatisfied, I have decided to make my own preset pack that emulates the way I want you to see my feed, and how yours could look too! When it comes to blogging, or promoting a business of any sort, it is important to have an aesthetically pleasing & cohesive feed.

I have learned so much from the many other preset creators out there, and have worked so hard to bring you guys a 4 pack preset bundle that works in warm and cool, and indoor and outdoor environments. I have worked tirelessly to make sure that these presets provide versatility over many photos, and that they require minimal tweaking.

If this is your first time buying a preset, you should know that you will need to download Adobe Lightroom Mobile – fun fact – it’s free!

Here I will link a tutorial video that will show you  how to import your new presets from your email straight to Lightroom! Oh, and be sure to tag #itsjustjulzpresets so I can see all the fun you’re having and engage on your photos!

Below are the before and after one click presets for all four presets!


This link will take you to my shop! Easily purchase my preset here with immediate download via email!

CLICK TO SHOP! 🙂 Thank you!





Smilelove Impression Kit – Vlog 1

I am so thankful that Smilelove chose to partner with me in these upcoming months!

Something I have always been self conscious about is the way my teeth have shifted over the years due to lack of retainer use and wisdom teeth!

With that said, I never had the extra money laying around to spend on aligners or metal braces again! Plus, who wants metal braces for the third time in their life – not me!

Thankfully, Smilelove not only makes the process quick and easy, but affordable as well! They are the most affordable aligner company I have found and their customer support is nothing less than amazing.

In my vlog below I show you guys how easy Smilelove makes it to create and send back your impressions!

I look forward to continuing to share my progress with you and if this seems like everything you’ve been looking for, use code JULZ100 for $100 OFF (YES – you read that correctly) your order!

Again, thank you so much Smilelove! I cannot wait to share my journey! Smilelove.com



Happy Holidays! Snapfish Foil Cards

As we approach our first year in our new home, I thought it would only be fitting to order our first set of Christmas cards to share with our family & loved ones!

Christmas cards were something that my family always did growing up and it is a tradition I definitely want to continue as Gaeton and I grow a family of our own! Fortunately for us, we had our engagement pictures taken recently by the amazing Ashley Griffin Photography. So we had an abundance of options to choose from when it came to our card style and design!

Thanks to Snapfish, we were able to order our beautiful foil-accented Christmas Cards, and Thank You’s for our upcoming wedding shower, with complete ease!

Snapfish’s design software makes it easy to import photos from Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos! From there, the process is super user friendly! One of the reasons I love creating these Snapfish cards so much is their ability to easily create meaningful cards and photo gifts that reflect quality time I have spent with my friends and family! Or in this case, capturing a wonderful engagement shoot with Gaeton.

The detail and quality of these cards are amazing! They are simply nothing that you would find at your local pharmacy! Each card was printed on quality card stock, has a beautiful matte finish, and the foil… the foil is BEAUTIFUL! I was able to choose from gold, silver, or rose gold! I went with gold for a winter/ holiday theme and I am so pleased with the results! In addition, I was able to then customize my card shape and even add my return address at no additional cost!

I could go on and on about how great of an experience I have had with Snapfish, but showing you will say so much more. Thank you Snapfish for helping my small family eternalize some of our first memories. ♥️

If you would like to help create some family keepsakes of your own for the holidays, click here and don’t forget to use FOIL40 for 40% off your order. ✨ Snapfish has surely made our spirits brighter, one foil embossed card at a time. ✨

5 Ways to Style Your Brown Dahlia Boater Hat & Red Vintage Western Bandana Scarf

I have always been one to wear many hats…

Ever since I was a little girl I was always finding ways to express my creativity and had dreams of creating something different that expressed my own style without restrictions. Running my own blog gives me the ability to do just that and so much more.

The ability to work with such a unique and creative company such as Gigi Pip has given me yet another opportunity to collaborate and bring my own style to their beautifully crafted hats and accessories.

I chose to style the Brown Dahlia Boater Hat with the Red Vintage Western Bandana Scarf.

Here we go…

Style 1:  Bandana Hat Band


This is the perfect way to style your bandana for a chic effortless look. It adds detail and a pop of color to your hat while retaining the rustic and boho vibe that the hat and bandana combination present!

Style 2: Bandana Neck Tie


When it comes to a bandana necktie, or as some call a neckerchief, you can style it in two ways. You can wrap it tightly around your neck, or you can follow my example and leave it hanging loose. I like to leave the bandana loose because I feel less constricted while also giving the bandana a necklace effect! This is the perfect addition of color to add to a neutral outfit.

Style 3: Belt Loop BandanaIMG_0566IMG_0567

This might just be my favorite way to style this scarf! It is such a simple addition that makes such a big difference! I am so in love with brown/red combo and I believe that this style compliments them in such a unique way! It is a perfect replacement for a belt and truly shows off some effortless style.

Style 4: Back Pocket Pop Scarf


Simple, stylish, and just noticeable enough. I love this look and think it would look even more adorable with a cropped top that showcased your backside with the bandana tied. Once again, this adds a subtle pop of color to my black and white outfit and ties the color of my brown Dahlia boater hat together.

Style 5: Wrist Wrap Bandana IMG_0569IMG_0572

Different. Bold. I LOVE this look. I paired my Red Western Scarf with my white faced watch as a bracelet styled look! The pop of red contrasting my white top and white watch create the perfect pair.

The Brown Dahlia Boater Hat is so versatile combined with the Vintage Western Bandana Scarf. I had such a fun time experimenting with different looks and bringing my own unique styles to Gigi Pips amazing pieces. Whether you style your scarf on your hat or wear it as an accent piece on your hip, I am confident your outfit will look effortlessly chic.

I hope you enjoyed reading this weeks style tip and don’t forget to use code JULZ for free shipping on your next order! ❤


MEDIA KITS: What they are & why you need one!

Hey guys! So a while back I began creating media kits for my friends in exchange for them to share them on their stories! I got such great feedback that I decided I should share with you all why they are so important and how we can work together on creating your custom media kit!

So for those of you who don’t know what a media kit is, it is basically a visually appealing layout of who you are, what you create, who your demographic is, and who you have worked with in the past. All media kits vary on depth of information, but I always go by the phrase I learned in school – K.I.S.S (Keep it simple stupid). When approaching a brand, it is important to not flood them with information they do not necessarily need to know. Chances are they are only going to look over your media kit for a few seconds, so what you share you’ll want to be worth it!

First things first – Who are you? Not only should your Instagram handle be clearly displayed, but your actual name as well! Companies don’t want to call you “@thesweetshopaholic” or “@raisingmylittles” or…even…”@itsjustjulz“…I KNOW, SHOCKING! But it’s true, they want to know your name and be able to easily identify you.

Second – Your Reach and Demo… Here’s where numbers come in. One of the biggest pieces of info a company wants to know is how many people will see/ engage with your posts about their products, so making sure your follower count, along with your engagement rate are front in center is crucial.

Next comes you – In a few sentences, tell this company your 5w’s. (Anyone remember what that stands for?)

  1. Who- Who are you. Share your name, where you are from, your occupation if you want!
  2. What- What are you bringing to the table and how does this stand out from the rest?
  3. When- What type of time frame can you offer your posts to be delivered in? Companies using influencers generally expect quick turnover, so make sure you’re not taking too much on.
  4. Where- Where are you located and what is the greatest demographic that you can reach?
  5. Why- (this kind of goes along with what) But, what are you bringing to the table and why is it important that they choose to work with you and not someone else. Why are you their NEXT. SHINING. STAR!!
  6. How- How will you showcase their product in a new and never before seen way? Are you a master of photography and just know how to capture the right angles to showcase a product? Do you have a unique feed that just captures the essence of their campaign? Do you have 6 adorable littles at home that just make the perrrffeccct props to display this product?

Whatever the answers to these questions are…own them. Make them your brand, your mission. It is important to companies, whether they are paying you or just sending you free product, that there is no confusion as to whether or not they should work with you, because the answer is simply YES.

Next you will want to select a few photos, I’d say no more than 8-10, that really showcase your brand. These will be displayed on your media kit as a way to show a company your style and aesthetic.

Finally, past collaborations. You may not have many, that’s OK! But companies want to know that this is not your first rodeo, this will show a business that you have had successful correspondence with other brands and help you gain a bit of clout.

Now comes the creation part. That can be tough. Not everybody knows their way around design platforms and that’s ok! That’s where I can help. Each person that I create a media kit for I work very closely with. I sometimes spend many hours with them helping to determine the perfect color scheme and correct information to display. I know how important it is to you and your business to showcase the best version of you…After all you only get one shot at a first impression! I’ll help you get there…

Sample templates of my media kits! —