Happy Holidays! Snapfish Foil Cards

As we approach our first year in our new home, I thought it would only be fitting to order our first set of Christmas cards to share with our family & loved ones!

Christmas cards were something that my family always did growing up and it is a tradition I definitely want to continue as Gaeton and I grow a family of our own! Fortunately for us, we had our engagement pictures taken recently by the amazing Ashley Griffin Photography. So we had an abundance of options to choose from when it came to our card style and design!

Thanks to Snapfish, we were able to order our beautiful foil-accented Christmas Cards, and Thank You’s for our upcoming wedding shower, with complete ease!

Snapfish’s design software makes it easy to import photos from Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos! From there, the process is super user friendly! One of the reasons I love creating these Snapfish cards so much is their ability to easily create meaningful cards and photo gifts that reflect quality time I have spent with my friends and family! Or in this case, capturing a wonderful engagement shoot with Gaeton.

The detail and quality of these cards are amazing! They are simply nothing that you would find at your local pharmacy! Each card was printed on quality card stock, has a beautiful matte finish, and the foil… the foil is BEAUTIFUL! I was able to choose from gold, silver, or rose gold! I went with gold for a winter/ holiday theme and I am so pleased with the results! In addition, I was able to then customize my card shape and even add my return address at no additional cost!

I could go on and on about how great of an experience I have had with Snapfish, but showing you will say so much more. Thank you Snapfish for helping my small family eternalize some of our first memories. ♥️

If you would like to help create some family keepsakes of your own for the holidays, click here and don’t forget to use FOIL40 for 40% off your order. ✨ Snapfish has surely made our spirits brighter, one foil embossed card at a time. ✨