Smilelove Impression Kit – Vlog 1

I am so thankful that Smilelove chose to partner with me in these upcoming months!

Something I have always been self conscious about is the way my teeth have shifted over the years due to lack of retainer use and wisdom teeth!

With that said, I never had the extra money laying around to spend on aligners or metal braces again! Plus, who wants metal braces for the third time in their life – not me!

Thankfully, Smilelove not only makes the process quick and easy, but affordable as well! They are the most affordable aligner company I have found and their customer support is nothing less than amazing.

In my vlog below I show you guys how easy Smilelove makes it to create and send back your impressions!

I look forward to continuing to share my progress with you and if this seems like everything you’ve been looking for, use code JULZ100 for $100 OFF (YES – you read that correctly) your order!

Again, thank you so much Smilelove! I cannot wait to share my journey!



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