MEDIA KITS: What they are & why you need one!

Hey guys! So a while back I began creating media kits for my friends in exchange for them to share them on their stories! I got such great feedback that I decided I should share with you all why they are so important and how we can work together on creating your custom media kit!

So for those of you who don’t know what a media kit is, it is basically a visually appealing layout of who you are, what you create, who your demographic is, and who you have worked with in the past. All media kits vary on depth of information, but I always go by the phrase I learned in school – K.I.S.S (Keep it simple stupid). When approaching a brand, it is important to not flood them with information they do not necessarily need to know. Chances are they are only going to look over your media kit for a few seconds, so what you share you’ll want to be worth it!

First things first – Who are you? Not only should your Instagram handle be clearly displayed, but your actual name as well! Companies don’t want to call you “@thesweetshopaholic” or “@raisingmylittles” or…even…”@itsjustjulz“…I KNOW, SHOCKING! But it’s true, they want to know your name and be able to easily identify you.

Second – Your Reach and Demo… Here’s where numbers come in. One of the biggest pieces of info a company wants to know is how many people will see/ engage with your posts about their products, so making sure your follower count, along with your engagement rate are front in center is crucial.

Next comes you – In a few sentences, tell this company your 5w’s. (Anyone remember what that stands for?)

  1. Who- Who are you. Share your name, where you are from, your occupation if you want!
  2. What- What are you bringing to the table and how does this stand out from the rest?
  3. When- What type of time frame can you offer your posts to be delivered in? Companies using influencers generally expect quick turnover, so make sure you’re not taking too much on.
  4. Where- Where are you located and what is the greatest demographic that you can reach?
  5. Why- (this kind of goes along with what) But, what are you bringing to the table and why is it important that they choose to work with you and not someone else. Why are you their NEXT. SHINING. STAR!!
  6. How- How will you showcase their product in a new and never before seen way? Are you a master of photography and just know how to capture the right angles to showcase a product? Do you have a unique feed that just captures the essence of their campaign? Do you have 6 adorable littles at home that just make the perrrffeccct props to display this product?

Whatever the answers to these questions are…own them. Make them your brand, your mission. It is important to companies, whether they are paying you or just sending you free product, that there is no confusion as to whether or not they should work with you, because the answer is simply YES.

Next you will want to select a few photos, I’d say no more than 8-10, that really showcase your brand. These will be displayed on your media kit as a way to show a company your style and aesthetic.

Finally, past collaborations. You may not have many, that’s OK! But companies want to know that this is not your first rodeo, this will show a business that you have had successful correspondence with other brands and help you gain a bit of clout.

Now comes the creation part. That can be tough. Not everybody knows their way around design platforms and that’s ok! That’s where I can help. Each person that I create a media kit for I work very closely with. I sometimes spend many hours with them helping to determine the perfect color scheme and correct information to display. I know how important it is to you and your business to showcase the best version of you…After all you only get one shot at a first impression! I’ll help you get there…

Sample templates of my media kits! —






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