Snapfish – Photo Keepsakes

So if you haven’t heard, Gaeton and I are getting married!! I’m just kidding, I know you all know we are getting married because I never. stop. talking about it. But I don’t care!!! It’s so freaking exciting!

As we all know though, weddings are not easy to plan, and I am a terrible planner to begin with so I knew from the get go I would need to make a plan to stay organized! Some people like to plan their schedules on their phone calendars or other organizing apps, but for me, I’m old school; give me a pen and a piece of paper and a little box to draw next to a bullet to check off. Isn’t there a certain satisfaction with checking off a tiny little box when a task is complete? Maybe thats just me…

When I got to the planning, I wanted something that was cute, compact, and I wasn’t going to fold into a tiny little square and lose in a minute. That’s why I chose Snapfish for my new planner! Not only is the quality amazing, and the prices super affordable, but I was able to customize it to exactly what I needed! From material all the way to the front and back detail, it was all up to me!

Not only did my new wedding planner come out AMAZING, but it will make for an awesome keepsake for me and my (future) husband to look and laugh at years from now. Snapfish makes it super easy to import photos from Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos and creates budget-friendly gifts and décor that look fantastic! Check out some of the other great products you can customize and create!

Check out my new soft-cover journal below! Let the wedding planning begin! unnamed-2unnamed-1

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